Who is olivia benson dating in season 14 Amateur hook up photo

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Who is olivia benson dating in season 14

Captain Cragen instructs the detectives to send the victim to jail if she continues to be uncooperative.Though the captain is the one who gave the order, Benson recognizes that she played an integral role, saying, "We just sent a rape victim to the lock-up.In season 11, episode 9, Detective Benson is framed for murder.Benson and Stabler discover that the person responsible for the set-up is a man named Brady Harrison, a serial rapist who went to prison years ago thanks to Benson and Stabler’s detective work.A detective who aims to bring rapists to justice should not encourage or tolerate prison rape. Captain Cragen has to run in to stop Benson from beating the guy to a pulp.As he correctly points out, they'll never be able to convict a rapist with a confession he made while he was being brutalized.Granted, Benson did not actually arrange for Harrison to be raped. It's episode 19 of season 8 when Detective Benson absolutely loses her shit in an interrogation. Then she says, "Those big boys in prison are gonna love your pussy pervert ass up there." (WTF?But she admits that she never should have said those things to him. ) Finally, she knocks him to the floor and kicks him relentlessly.

And she helps them get justice by sending their rapists and abusers to prison.

When Stabler tells Benson to go down 67, she says “copy” even though she didn’t actually hear what he said.

After Benson fails to turn down the correct street, the perpetrator gets away.

What makes matters even worse is that after Benson dismissed the victim, the perpetrator went on to abduct and rape at least a dozen more women.

Benson regrets her blunder so deeply that she almost quits.

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In season 8, episode 16, Detectives Benson and Stabler are engaged in a car chase with a rapist who has been attacking men around the city.

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