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Who is raven symone dating 2016

Raven Symone does not want to be referred to as “African American” or “gay”.When I first heard these statements, they did/didn’t surprise me one bit. The other part of me realized that Raven Symone didn’t want to be boxed in.In the end, it is up to us to make sure we also use labels that destroy limits.

Whether or not people are going to agree, she is going to make her own decision on her own representation.

Then again, I would never take the stance that she has taken.

You already knew I was going to break this down for you.

Reasons from the lack of conceptual sense to the feeling limited causes this shift in thinking.

Even Bill Cosby doesn’t care for the labels (for his own reasons as well) [4].

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I would never want Raven Symone to be clouded or jaded from the idea of being African American.

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