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Who is richie kotzen dating

While working as the band member of Arthur's Museum, Richie met Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records who eventually helped him record his first solo album in 1989.

He named his first album by his own name "Richie Kotzen'.

Highly inspired by musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Richie's style of playing guitar is often described as the mix of rock, blues, jazz and soul music.

Besides, he is also a songwriter and has written songs like Stand and Until You Suffer Some.

He married Denna Eva Lindstrom in 1994 and after being in a married relationship for few years, the couple ended their relationship and divorced in 1998.

After he ended his relationship with his first wife, he engaged in a relationship with Brianna Gracia, an American Wrestler, for a brief period of time.

I wouldn’t declare my all-time favorite album, but Richie Kotzen has an undoubtedly canny talent to make listeners reflect, which reaches the heart and soul of your being.Following his break-up with Brianna, Richie has been in a relationship with Julia Lage who is also a musician.Guitarist Richie Kotzen, who made a name for himself via his hard rock, blues-influenced albums, perhaps got his most notable exposure during his one-album stint with glam rockers POISON in the early '90s. But Kotzen explained to that it made sense on some level, even if it didn't on others, "Keep in mind I was in a rock 'n' roll band before that," he said., I thought I was being pranked after first listening to it. After covering Richie Kotzen last year as he fronted the band The Winery Dogs, I was stoked to hear what new stuff Richie has to offer.Having seen The Winery Dogs, I expected Richie to have a similar sound on his new album.

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Richie started his career as the band member of Arthur's Museum before being discovered by Mike Varney, a music producer of Shrapnel Record's, who finally helped him record his first solo album at the age of 19.