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President Harding’s maternal grandfather was Isaac Haines Dickerson (the son of Joseph Dickerson and Abigail Hinds).

A DNA test taken around 2015 on a few of President Harding’s relatives indicated “no detectable genetic signatures of sub-Saharan African heritage in any of the three cousins”.from=6000000002388958269&to=6000000005017619142 https://com/people/Antony-Jansen-van-Salee/6000000011656645064 I found a common ancestor beetween Harding and Humphrey Bogart, Joseph Morgan from Wales, comirmed by name=3532 humphrey bogart&kin=15643 warren g harding Even Bogart is said to descend from Antony Jansen van Salee.This English DJ and singer/songwriter originally from London and has played major gigs having been hired by MTV and the Super Bowl.Samantha has also played for a long list of celebrities including Stevie Wonder, Ellen De Generes, Natalie Portman, and Jay-Z.

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Log in to Reply If you’re going to add the rumor of Warren Hardings african ancestry shouldn’t this be added as well to Thomas Jefferson’s profile?