Who is tegan from tegan and sara dating Hot aunty web

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Who is tegan from tegan and sara dating

Their hummable, Windex-wiped new single “Boyfriend” is about dating a woman who’s never been with another woman, inspired by the beginning of Sara’s romance with her current girlfriend — and it’s just as capable of being slotted into a radio playlist as anything from Taylor Swift.

While queer male pop stars like Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, and Years and Years’s Olly Alexander have seamlessly won over large swaths of pop fans with their confessional same-sex love songs, Tegan and Sara are hoping to level the playing field and do the same.

This may sound bad, but a tegan has actually said she'll stay with someone sometimes until she finds someone else that she wants to date more.

Maybe she had already met this woman and was having those thoughts, which is why she seemed sort of withdrawn. Fans have been speculating for over a month for other reasons.

But they still had the L and T earrings on so I think they were still together.

This is just kind of the concrete evidence some we're looking for.

How do you have a month off but not spend time with your girlfriend of 5 1/2 years?

“If Katy Perry can open the door for artists like us, then we can open the door for some of those young kids to start to think about their gender and their sexuality,” says Tegan.

Yes, maybe LB and Tegan are not longer toghether, but they can still being friends, i mean, Emy still works for them, and the relationship with Sara was finished like 6 years ago.

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Just two albums ago, with 2009’s they’re making a bid for a bigger fan base, something they’ve been edging toward for years. “We’re working just as hard as everybody else, and I want to blow that fuckin’ door open, just like so many artists before us did.” Many have already embraced them.

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