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Why and how does dating violence happen

In such cases, the family members have a way of relating to each other that is generally hostile and non-nurturing.The adult children may have been abused by their parents, and having learned to interact in such a manner, carry it on into the next generation.Adult children who abuse their parents frequently suffer from such problems as mental and emotional disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, and financial difficulty.Because of these problems, these adult children are often dependent on the elders for their support. It is a pattern of abusive behaviour through which a person seeks to control and dominate another person.Domestic violence does not take the form of a single incident.Some families are more prone to violence than others because violence is a learned behavior and is transmitted from one generation to another.In these families, abusive behavior is the normal response to tension or conflict because they have not learned any other ways to respond.

The severity and frequency of violence often escalate over time.Caring for frail older people is a very difficult and stress-provoking task.This is particularly true when older people are mentally or physically impaired, when the caregiver is ill-prepared for the task, or when the needed resources are lacking.This violence takes many forms, none of which is mutually exclusive.While physical violence may be the most visible form, others such as sexual, emotional, social, spiritual and economic abuse can be equally harmful.

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There is no easy or simple answer to this question.