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Seventeen years have passed since Cecil and his allies defeated Zemus on the Red Moon, and the world has returned to a state of peace.Ceodore, Cecil and Rosa's son, is an apprentice to the airship fleet Red Wings, struggling with the expectations and obligations of being born with sacred blood.Each character needs to do a specific ability to make the Band ability happen.Some Bands are learned as the story progresses, but the player can learn others only by "searching" for them during battle and inputting the correct commands.Accosted by monsters, a Hooded Man garbed in robes rescues him, and the two set out for Mysidia, where Porom helps them reach Baron by way of the Devil's Road.They find the kingdom is safe, though the soldiers are acting strangely and refuse to let Ceodore into Baron Castle.

This can force players to create new battle strategies, though the moon phases also affect enemies.Moon phase also affects which monsters can appear and with what rarity.The Band system is new for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.When a command's power is decreased, the command will be shown in red.When a command is enhanced by a moon phase it is shown in green.

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