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Windows 2016 updating group policy

• Power Shell Package Management via Windows Server Application (WSA) & l Package Management cmdlets.

This provides a consistent approach to controlling what is installed on servers and enables selectively installing Server Roles for Nano Server.

If it works as expected (and documented), at least with build 1709, you have these capabilities: The two key article on this are Build deployment rings for Windows 10 updates and Walkthrough: use Group Policy to configure Windows Update for Business (currently only updated to version 1607).

Manage device restarts after updates has valuable info on group policy settings and the corresponding registry keys for gaining control over restarts.

I did this a couple of times before and my experience is, it worked everytime.

I am still pretty early in my journey of learning how to manage Windows 10 Pro updates, but I am a little encouraged to find that there are several setting in Group Policy that are not available in the UI.

To see these features in Group Policy Management, you’ll have to install the latest Administrative Templates (.admx) for group policy. Loosely following the “Build deployment rings” article above, I decided to create three policies: I’ll post my current settings in each policy below.

Windows Update, enable “Do not allow update deferral policies to cause scans against Windows Update” per Susan Bradley’s recommendation here. The setting has no effect if you’re not using WSUS.

Shifts to a stronger system programmer scripting language with Power Shell classes, Pester Unit tests, Code analysis tools, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code support.

Addresses popularity and security with audit logs and ships security improvements in JEA (Just Enough Admin privileges).

Even if the machine is not domain-joined, if it’s Pro, you can set these values directly in the registry.

Configure Automatic Updates using Registry Editor is a reference of all registry settings.

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Windows Server embraces the new cloud era by adding support for new scenarios and enabling two primary focus areas for management: 1.

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