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Windows clients updating bind

There are several ways you can measure the performance of Active Directory and new server hardware.

One of which is to use the built-in Performance Monitor.

Save it as x64and place it in the same folder where you install ADTest.

//—————- DEFINES ————————// // [ROOT] is specified on the command line (e.g.

But some of us (cough, cough) would rather see a list of “do these things in this order” and be done with it. Maybe I’ll have to start doing more of these and call it Concise Computing Tips.

This article is just to show that you can still get it to work and use it on our newer operating systems. The Max User Port value controls the maximum port number used when an application requests any available user port from the system. id=15275 All of the screenshots in this article assume the install was done to c:\ADTest. Copy the x64file to each client you are using in the test and place it in the ADTest installation folder. You would need to create these using the same names seen below “OR” modify the configuration file to reflect the structure you create.If you are like me you might be tempted to just skim over the setup instructions and get right to the testing because you’ve done this kind of thing a million times. You forgot to make your test user a member of Domain Admins. Hay-Buv.local Extended Message: 0000052D: Svc Err: DSID-031A129B, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 0 ———————————————- Also a quick fix.You need to set the 9th bit for d SHeuristics value to 1. Most of the time we do a great job at giving people very detailed instructions and for many that works just fine.Then I looked at the password I had set when I created the users. For example if the sum of root (%2) number of threads (%3) is greater than the highest numbered OU.In the previous case, if root is 0 and number of threads is 11, an error is returned because there is no OU 10. Hay-Buv.local Extended Message: 00000005: Sec Err: DSID-031521E1, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0 ———————————————– This is a simple one.

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Let’s run though the setup so you can start testing that new hardware with Server 2012 R2 AD-DS. The operating system does a very good job of tuning itself for best performance. This account is used to create OUs, Users, Groups and to run the stress tests against Active Directory. By default the password used in the x64script is ss-123456.

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