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Defaults to 100% (1.0) - Upgrades from DSE 5.0 might have produced unnecessary schema migrations while there was at least one DSE 5.0 node in the cluster.It is therefore highly recommended to upgrade from DSE 5.0 to at least DSE 5.1.6.(DSP-16038) Requirement for Uniform Clusters All Nodes in each Cluster must be uniformly licensed to use the same Subscription.For example, if a Cluster contains 5 Nodes, all 5 Nodes within that Cluster must be either Data Stax Basic, or all 5 Nodes must be Data Stax Enterprise.The command must be executed on the node where the rebuild operation is running. - Only MODIFY permission on base is required to update table with MV, internally it reads base data and generates updates to MV.Metrics ------- - New storage metrics were added: * Total Hints Replayed: how many hints were successfully replayed on the _target_ node.The root cause of this schema mismatch was a difference in the way how schema digests were computed in DSE 5.0 and DSE 5.1.To mitigate this issue, DSE 5.1.6 and newer announce DSE 5.0 compatible digests as long as there is at least one DSE 5.0 node in the cluster.

GENERAL UPGRADING ADVICE FOR ANY VERSION ======================================== Snapshotting is fast (especially if you have JNA installed) and takes effectively zero disk space until you start compacting the live data files again.

Mixing different Subscriptions within a Cluster is not permitted.

“Cluster” means a collection of Nodes running the Software which communicate with one another via Gossip, and “Gossip” means the mechanism within the Software enabling related Nodes to communicate with one another. Before you upgrade PLEASE READ: MAXIMUM TTL EXPIRATION DATE NOTICE (CASSANDRA-14092) ------------------------------------------------------------------ (General upgrading instructions are available in the next section) The maximum expiration timestamp that can be represented by the storage engine is 2038-01-19T , which means that inserts with TTL thatl expire after this date are not currently supported. X) and 5.1.7 (5.1.x) there was no protection against INSERTS with TTL expiring after the maximum supported date, causing the expiration time field to overflow and the records to expire immediately. X and lower series are not subject to this when assertions are enabled.

A warning will be logged at startup if none of those JVM options are used.

See CASSANDRA-13006 for more details - DSE is logging by default a heap histogram on Out Of Memory Error.

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- Leveled Compaction Strategy SSTables will keep their existing level on nodetool refresh, nodetool move, and nodetool decommission.