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Www creditscoredating com

A third of respondents to the my FICO survey admitted they were reluctant to share their scores with a significant other; just over half of the singles surveyed would tell a significant other their score.

A 2013 Credit research poll found the same reticence: Discussing debt remains a huge taboo, as big or bigger than talking about religion, politics or your sex life.

"The younger generation is starting to realize that it's important to be proactive about their financial stability by keeping their own scores high and finding a partner who also has a high score," Green says.

Credit: A taboo topic The problem: Not everyone is willing to share their score.

When Lauren set up an online dating profile, she wasn't looking for a partner with perfect credit.

It wasn't until her date disclosed his score that Lauren realized great credit represented more to her than preferred mortgage rates.

"When he told me his credit score was 793, he might as well have told me he had a private jet," recalls Lauren, a county employee in Georgia who asked that her last name not be used. "While it sounds calculating and cold, it makes sense," says Anthony Sprauve, director of public relations for my Following the financial crisis, the site experienced a surge in membership and a decline in the average age of members.Of the 15,000 members using the online dating portal, a "significant percentage" are in their 20s and 30s.Living with a less-than-perfect credit report paled in comparison to telling a new suitor about her troubles."I realized if we were going to have a good start to this relationship, we needed to be open and honest with each other," she says.

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