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I wonder if the push for online and “virtual” experiences is related to a diminished ability for human interaction.

Then again, this post will reach many people I have never met via hundreds of linked in connections.

Though Facebook has become the dominant social network, Bebo still has several million individually registered users, with a few million as active users.

A Moment of Inspiration After our initial review of the company’s state of affairs, we determined the site had been ignored internally and there were some fairly simple things that could be done to improve the user experience.

I think the real story here is the continued de-humanization of society.

Online degrees, online banking, online dating, etc.

Undeniably NO one wants to travel with a stranger with divergent interests or taste!You can also charge for the services you have to offer or you can just leave it Blank if you are a volunteer. Enter all the details asked and a catchy "ABOUT ME" will surely get you an interesting partner. Once you are done adding all relevant details about what you can offer and what you expect from your Travel Buddy; You are good to go.Go ahead and find similar profiles and get chatty about your Trip. At first I was quite unsure of the term, as I had heard of 'Home stays', 'Hitchhiking' and more but never of something this cool.TRAVEL today is a concept and not just the conventional way of packing bags for a family trip to Shimla; It has a different meaning for each one of us.

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and found him in the process of leaving for the day!