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Before long, Brad has mastered that lesson and is rewarded with having his dick licked and sucked.

That's how Sierra finds them, and though she's unhappy to see them together she's open to playing along.

When he has permission from Jaclyn, he pulls out and jizzes all over her flat belly so that Sierra can lap it up an snowball it with her stepmom.

The latest girl to show up at the Cum Fiesta is none other than the gorgeously tanned cutie, Daisy Stone!

Cocklord TC really does a fantastic job giving us lots of juicy views of him fucking Miah's ass in all sorts of different positions. We already know quite a bit about Miah's story from her first video see link above so we skip a lot of the getting-to-know-you interview stuff.

Sean was pissed about the whole thing and got into his slacking mood once she left the room.

He opened up some porn and started jerking off to rub one out.

It's honestly one of the best butts we've ever had the pleasure of seeing and the way Daisy sucks and fucks cock--well, let's just say we cannot fucking wait to her in Florida again really soon!

We absolutely love watching Daisy Stone get fucked!

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Daisy knocked on the door to the Cum Fiesta, flashed her pretty perky tits and then showed off her flexibility--by putting her dick sucking lips to good use!

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