Young earth theory carbon dating

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The problem is, the rock above many pressurized subterranean fluid deposits is relatively permeable.The pressure should escape in less than 100,000 years. Once again, because of the supposed antiquity of these deposits and their location throughout the geologic column, this observation calls into question some of the interpretations which have led to the formulation of the column. In the 19th century, the renowned physicist and inventor Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) was the first to point out that if the earth began in a white-hot molten state, it would have cooled to its current temperature billions of years sooner than the 4.6 billion years accepted today.The continents are eroding at such a rate that, if not for tectonic uplift, meteoric dusting and volcanic influx, they would erode flat (Mt. At this rate, high-altitude, million-year-old fossils should have long since eroded away. The implication is that these fossils are not millions of years old.If this were true, the entire geologic column would need serious revision (see our article on the Geologic Column). When a drill rig strikes oil, the oil sometimes gushes out in huge fountains.This has to do with the fact that the earth’s spin is slowing down due to tidal friction and other factors.

Some view them as deliberate misrepresentations of the facts by religious zealots.However, if billions years of uranium decay has taken place so quickly that the helium produced hasn’t had enough time to escape the zircons, this may be strong evidence that radioactive decay rates were greatly accelerated in the unobservable past.Second, because the zircons came from Precambrian rocks below the geologic column, currently accepted old-earth interpretations of the geologic column may need serious revision (once again, see our article on the Geologic Column).However, the old-earth perspective has held a monopoly in the public schools, in the major academic centers, and in the popular media for generations.It is no wonder then that most scientists share the old-earth perspective. It’s all they learned at the universities where they got their degrees. But there are dissenters among the scientific community, and their numbers are growing. Because more and more scientists are confronting a growing body of evidence which challenges the old-earth paradigm.

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