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Finally, her victory on All Stars was very much in thanks to her strong alliance with Rob Mariano – and when we say alliance, we mean that they had struck up something of a romance – and eventually got married.

Kevin Jones was the number one recruit in the nation back in 2001 - 5 star.Indeed, the world has enjoyed following Amber’s life after Survivor, especially when it involved the new family that she was now building with Rob.After they got married, they started to take things to the next level and have some kids – four daughters, to be exact, named Lucia Rose, Carina Rose, Isabetta Rose, and Adelina Rose – it seems to be apparent that they really like roses.Amber and Rob also appeared on other reality shows such as The Amazing Race – and although they didn’t win it all there, somehow we think they’re pretty satisfied with the combined two million dollars that they both won from their experiences on Survivor (Rob is also a former Sole Survivor).Natalie’s time on Survivor is one of those stories that are kind of bittersweet – during her time on Redemption Island, she was in a strong alliance – one that brought her all the way to the final three.

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Coming out of the Philly area, we stole him from Penn State!!

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